Retro Survival Horror Crow Country Coming to PS4 & PS5. Demo Out Now

SFB Games have today announced Crow Country, a haunting new survival horror game set to launch on Steam and PlayStation next year.

Eat some crow

The game is inspired by classic survival horror such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but has a visual style akin to Final Fantasy VII.

Play as the determined Mara Forest as she searches through the gloom of an abandoned theme park to find its reclusive owner, Edward Crow. Encounter a curious cast of characters as you immerse yourself in this atmospheric blend of tension and tranquillity. Hunt for ammo, clues, maps, and the other items you’ll need to solve the tricky puzzles that stand between you and the terrifying truth.

Something is lurking in the darkness. So make every bullet count.

A free demo is now available on Steam and PlayStation, which welcomes players to explore and survive the horrors that await in Crow Country. ​ Engage with tricky puzzles to uncover new paths through the park – with dozens of different areas and hidden secrets to discover. ​

Will you uncover the truth behind Crow Country and learn the fate of Edward Crow? Or will you disappear into the night, never to be seen again?

Crow Country will be available on Steam and PlayStation in 2024. ​The free demo is currently available on PS4 & PS5.