Bloodborne Doesn’t Support Suspend/Resume When Using Online Mode

March 26, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


While you can use the PlayStation 4’s new Suspend/Resume feature just fine when playing Bloodborne offline, Videogamer discovered that it isn’t supported in Online Mode.

Should you end up suspending your game while in Online Mode, you’ll be kicked to the main menu when resuming. So, make sure you play in Offline Mode if you have any plans to suspend Bloodborne.

Elsewhere with Suspend/Resume, Guerrilla Games confirmed on their website  that Killzone Shadow Fall is experiencing some issues with the new feature, adding:

Particularly when accessing the suspend function while the game is loading into different modes, when saving the game, or while playing cinematics.

On Twitter, they said, “Regarding the reports on Firmware 2.50. We are still in the investigating phase and we are monitoring community feedback.”

Have you noticed any games that don’t support the Suspend/Resume feature? How long have you found it takes a game to resume?

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