Another Bloodborne Glitch Can Give You Unlimited Blood Echoes

Even though patch 1.02 fixed the item duplication glitch in Bloodborne that allowed players to get huge amounts of Blood Echoes by doing basically nothing, it looks like someone has found a new glitch that can be exploited.

 In the above video, watch as YouTuber kenny stimmel makes his way to a certain area in the Forbidden Woods. Once there, he runs around a table a whole bunch of times, and Boom! Thousands of free Blood Echoes. While people commenting on the video noted that this looks like a pretty lengthy and impractical process of getting Blood Echoes, it’s also super easy to do.

If you feel like exploiting this Bloodborne glitch, be sure to let us know if you found it effective by writing in the comments below.

[Source: Kenny Stimmel (YouTube) via Gamechup]