Best April Fools Day Pranks Video Games Edition

While April Fools Day might be over, we have one more piece of content for you to take in, and it’s definitely worth a watch. 

In the video above, we compiled the best April Fools Day pranks that affected gaming. Recent stuff like the PlayStation Flow are included, as well as the infamous Street Fighter II Sheng Long “Easter egg” that gained notoriety way back in 1992! As for the rest, give the video a watch, and yes, it covers the best multiplatform pranks, and not just the ones that impacted PlayStation platforms.

Don’t forget to check out our post yesterday where we collected all the April Fools video game pranks for 2015 in one place.

What’s your favorite video game prank of all time? Did we miss anything? If so, don’t forget to share your tale in the comments below.

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