Two New Dragon’s Dogma Online Classes Unveiled, Alpha Announced

Capcom has released a new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma Online alongside announcing the game’s alpha, which will be conducted on the PlayStation 3. Signups start on April 7 and the test will run between between April 20 and April 28. A closed beta will take place in the summer for the PS3, PS4 and PC. 

Two new classes have been introduced, namely Seekers and Sorcerers. While Seekers fight with a grappling hook, Sorcerers use magic to fight enemies. These classes will not be included in the alpha, which will be restricted to the previously announced Fighter, Hunter, Priest and Shield Sage classes up to level 10. 

Dragon’s Dogma Online will launch in Japan for the PS3, PS4 and PC. Check out a 17-minute video presentation for the game here.

[Source: Dragon’s Dogma via DualShockers]