Bloodborne, Senran Kagura Carrying Sales Torch in Japanese Market

Last week’s Media Create sales report showed a strong Japanese debut for the PS4-exclusive Bloodborne. It wasn’t the top-selling game overall, but it was the best-selling exclusive game. Media Create has further revealed that it sold through a very impressive 87% of its total shipment, which explains why it was sold out in many stores.

Meanwhile, the PS4 version of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus sold 30k, which was more than many were expecting, because it’s also available on the far more popular Vita. Combined retail and digital sales have added up to over 100,000 units sold (about 10,000 digital, in case you were wondering).

Sony badly needed these games to do well on PS4, as they serve as a look at the current health of the shrinking console market in Japan. Recently, console and their software have been selling mere shadows of previous generations. Even the PS4, which has been a worldwide hit, is moving more slowly than any previous PlayStation in Japan. While the sales of Bloodborne and Senran Kagura have their obvious down sides, they do give a glimmer of hope that Japan’s console market might not be completely dead yet.