Bloodborne Selling Out in Japan

March 28, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


The above photo was tweeted by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida in reaction to Bloodborne‘s Japanese sales. Sony is definitely hoping the game sells well, as PS4’s Japanese sales have so far been slowest among PlayStation platforms. People often disregard this information by pointing out that the system sold a million units in its first year on the market, though they ignore the fact that the PS3 achieved that milestone in nine months —  notorious $600 price tag and all.

Yoshida’s tweet says, “Bloodborne sold out in many stores in Tokyo. Thank you everyone.”

My own experience can also add a few non-Tokyo stores to the unwritten list, though not all. If you needed a copy of Bloodborne, ASAP — like if someone had an open wound that only Bloodborne could heal — I could bust one out, but the fat remains that it would take some digging. The few copies I found while strolling around game shops today might not still be there when I got back.

Dark Souls sold 280,000 copies in Japan during its opening week, and Dark Souls II sold 255,000. Those, however, were on the PS3 with several times the PS4’s users at the times of their launches. How many units do you think Bloodborne will have to its name when Media Create rolls out its sales numbers next week?