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Bloodborne Modder Disputes Reports That a PC Port Is Difficult

Lance McDonald, a Bloodborne modder who is responsible for the unofficial 60 FPS patch for the game, has denied recent reports that it would be difficult for Sony to create a PC port. In fact, he says that it likely has a Windows 7 build of Bloodborne “sitting in [its] archives, as well as all the source for it.”

McDonald believes a Bloodborne project is in the works

Yesterday, we reported that Jeff Grubb suggested it would be difficult for anyone except for FromSoftware to develop a PC port of Bloodborne because the studio “would have to be there with keys in hand to unlock the doors to the part of the code that is a little bit spaghetti and a little bit messed up.” He then says that the port isn’t happening because FromSoftware “is just too busy for that right now.”

In response, McDonald sent a tweet posted above that he doesn’t know where the idea that FromSoftware’s engine is messy or spaghetti came from. He believes that there are “literally zero technical barriers between Bloodborne and a PC/60fps PS5 port/re-release.”

In follow-up self-replies, he continues by saying that Japan Studio had a build of the game running on Windows 7, and that he’s seen the code firsthand. McDonald also believes that a future Bloodborne project, be it a PC port, PS5 remaster, or a remake/sequel, is likely on its way. That said, he thinks “every time someone comes out of the woodwork pretending to have inside information about the subject it’s so cringe.”

Grubb then admitted in a tweet that when he’s asked about Bloodborne, he can “end up speculating,” and in the moment he forgets that his words “will travel to every corner of From fandom.” McDonald replied back that Grubb shouldn’t worry about it, and it is worth noting that Grubb said that he “could be wrong” about the subject in the original quote. Even so, he might want to rein in some of the speculation as an insider, particularly if he needs to qualify a long statement by saying that he could be wrong in the first place.

In other words, the PlayStation Tournaments public beta is available now on PS5, and a now shamed “insider” says that the new Silent Hill game and MGS remake leaks were “bulls***.”