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New Silent Hill Game and MGS Remake Leaks Were ‘Bulls***,’ Claims Shamed Insider

Leaks suggesting a new Silent Hill game and Metal Gear Solid remake were on their way are “bulls***,” according to a gaming industry “insider” who was outed this week as a YouTuber breaking non-disclosure agreements with publishers.

It was revealed this week by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier that popular YouTube videomaker Dan Allen Gaming was behind the “insider” Twitter account TheRealInsider, which had been responsible for leaking a bunch of information including every Assassin’s Creed game announced at the recent Ubisoft Forward presentation. Dan Allen has now admitted to being the individual behind the account, and using his position as a YouTuber to receive embargoed material from game companies, then breaking those embargoes in order to share the information on TheRealInsider’s Twitter account.

Dan Allen Gaming reveals truth behind Silent Hill and MGS leaks

Dan Allen owned up to his actions in a video titled ‘I’m sorry,’ in which he apologized to his viewers and said that he had leaked the embargoed information for “clout.” However, Dan noted that while the Assassin’s Creed leak was the result of him receiving that information from Ubisoft, other “leaks” he posted were either “educated guesses” or outright false. These fake leaks included a new Silent Hill game and a Metal Gear Solid remake.

Now, this isn’t to say that a new Silent Hill game and Metal Gear Solid remake aren’t being developed. There have been other reports outside of Dan Allen’s false “leaks” that have suggested that both projects are on their way, from an alleged playable concept for a new Silent Hill being leaked, to notable insider Dusk Golem (via ResetEra) saying remastered versions of the original MGS trilogy are “100% true.”

This means that while Dan Allen was admittedly lying about the leaks, there’s still a possibility that these games are on the way, if other insiders are to be believed. Still, we’ll just have to wait and see if any of the reports surrounding these projects have any truth behind them.