PlayStation Tournaments Public Beta

PlayStation Tournaments Public Beta Available Now on PS5

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Tournaments public beta is open now on PS5 in the US, with the company hoping to get feedback from players starting with Guilty Gear Strive. This on-console tournament feature promises to make entering competitions easier with a brand new UI, shorter tournament times, and simple sign-ups. The public beta is scheduled to expand to more countries with additional titles.

How to sign up for the PS5 PlayStation Tournaments public beta

PlayStation Tournaments Public Beta PS5

First off, you’ll need to be resident of the eligible country (in this case, the US), have a PS Plus membership at any tier, an internet connection of course, and own the PS5 version of the game supported by PlayStation Tournaments. If you satisfy all of those requirements, you’ll be able to head to the game application for Guilty Gear Strive (or other games in the future), scroll down to view any available tournaments, and sign-up by opening the Activity Card for the competition.

Viewing the Activity Card during the competition will allow you to see the status of the bracket and track player progress throughout the tournament. Competitors will be notified through an on-console two-minute warning before their next match is scheduled to start, so they will be able to do something else while waiting. After the tournament, you’ll see the tournament results and earn prizes or rewards depending on your placement. During the beta, this will just be a special avatar, but once PlayStation Tournaments officially launches in the coming months, cash prizes and other rewards will be up for grabs.

According to the official rules, the Guilty Gear Strive tournament format for the beta will be 1v1 single elimination with random player seeding and a 99-second time limit. Players will have five minutes to show up for a match before receiving an automatic loss.

It’s unclear which games will be added to the beta over the next few months, but given what’s available now through PlayStation Tournaments on PS4, the more likely contenders include Madden NFL 22, Apex Legends, NBA 2K22, Dragon Ball FighterZ, FIFA 22, Rainbow Six: Siege, Mortal Kombat 11, and Street Fighter 5.

In other news, Babylon’s Fall for PS5 and PS4 are being given away for free at select stores, and PS4 system update 10.01 will bring notable performance improvements.