Bastion Launches Today in North America on PS4, Runs at 1080p/60fps

Priced at $14.99 with a 10% PlayStation Plus discount during the first week, Bastion launches for the PlayStation 4 today in North America, and it includes cross-buy with the PlayStation Vita version when it comes out later this year. A European release date still isn’t confirmed, but hopefully it comes out tomorrow, April 8.

Running at 1080p/60fps and including a Platinum Trophy, Bastion was originally developed by Supergiant (Transistor) and is being ported over to PlayStation by BlitWorks (Fez, Don’t Starve).

Nearly four years old, Bastion has sold more than three million copies and earned more than 100 end-of-year awards and accolades.

Creative Director Greg Kasavin talked about the game’s beginnings:

It was always difficult to describe Bastion while the game was in development. We designed the game in an organic way, little by little, listening to what it needed most and building whatever that was next, until we felt that we were done. It didn’t start with an elevator pitch for what would make the next big blockbuster. After all, one of the nice things about being a small, independent studio is you can focus all your energies on making the game you really want to make, and with any luck, you can discover much of that during the process.

We liked to joke about how the pitch for Bastion would have been just awful, and how the game never would have been made if it started off that way: “Well you see it’s this action RPG where an old man talks to you the entire time!” While this is technically accurate, it’s selling the game more than a little short. We wanted Bastion to feel cohesive rather than like a collection of cool features. The trailer we came up with is one of our attempts to convey that.

To see why Bastion is worth picking up, check out our review.

Will you be buying Bastion this week?

[Source: PS Blog]