Hades PS5 Crashes Fixed update patch

Running into Hades PS5 Crashes? The Latest Patch Should Fix That

With the release of Supergiant Games’ Hades on PS5—which is absolutely a must-play, by the way—some users were experiencing crashes when playing the game for extended periods of time. And let’s be fair, Hades is a game that demands those extended play sessions. If you found yourself running into Hades PS5 crashes, worry no more. The latest update fixes the crashing issues that came from being entirely unable to put down the controller for three or more hours.

Supergiant Games tweeted about the fix today after confirming just a few days ago that it was looking into the issues. The version you should see on the Hades menu in-game (not the PS5 version number) after the update is v1.38201.

Once this update is applied, Supergiant notes that it should resolve the occasional crashes that were coming up following longer play sessions. As with all things game development, note that this doesn’t offer a 100% guarantee that the game won’t crash, but the likelihood of running into this problem appears to be much, much lower now. In our own review experience with the game over more than 60 hours and multiple individual play sessions far exceeding three hours, we only ever encountered one software crash. However, Reddit and Twitter have both seen players complaining of numerous crashes ending runs prematurely.

Hades first released on Switch and PC last year after an extended period in early access. Following sweeping praise and near countless Game of the Year award wins and nominations, it’s now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, included with Game Pass. It’s the latest in a line of excellent titles from Supergiant Games—a deceptively “small,” poignant, and thoughtful experience that players can easily sink well over 100 hours into, trying again and again to escape the Underworld.