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Hades Creative Director Praises Housemarque’s Returnal, Says It’s One of His Favorite Games This Year

Hades Creative Director Greg Kasavin has revealed that Housemarque’s Returnal is one of his favorite games of 2021 thus far, and he’s invested “several dozens” of hours into it.

Speaking to ComingSoon’s Michael Leri, Kasavin praised Housemarque’s approach to Returnal‘s roguelike structure, and likened it to Supergiant Games’ own approach to Hades.

“I loved how Housemarque took their own point of view on the arcade style bullet hell combat that’s been in their previous games and presented it in the roguelike structure,” Kasavin said. “It parallels us as we deliberately brought back some of the hack-and-slash Bastion gameplay that we worked on way back when and put it in a roguelike structure.”

Kasavin believes that there’s still room to further explore the roguelike genre and added that, like Hades, Returnal explores the idea of dying and returning over and over while telling a story.

“When you make a game, you try to be the best of what it is or be unique in some way,” Kasavin continued. “We felt like there was plenty of room, despite the many roguelike games, to still explore it further. And in our case, we wanted to use the structure as a premise to tell a story and think about a scenario where someone would die and come back over and over. And Returnal explores that question as well.”

Indeed Hades‘ and Returnal‘s roguelike formula is one to take notes from. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler Wood recently wrote at length about how games like Destiny 2 can benefit from similar roguelike structures for repeatable content.

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[Source: ComingSoon]