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Report: Amazon Makes Huge Licensing Deal With Crytek

Recently, Crytek received a new licensing deal and a whole lot of money from some unknown company, and it looks like that mystery company could be Amazon.

According to four anonymous sources who spoke to Kotaku, the huge licensing deal with Amazon revolved around Crytek’s impressive game engine, CryEngine. While the sources named different amounts of money that Amazon gave to Crytek, with one saying $50 million and another saying $70 million, it appears that it was enough to alleviate Crytek’s financial problems that plagued the company last year.

As of right now, neither Amazon or Crytek has issued a comment on the alleged licensing deal, but this article will be updated accordingly if they do. Could Amazon now have the power to influence the development of upcoming Crytek games, such as Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age or another Ryse title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[Source: Kotaku]