Report: Dead Island 2 Release Date Delayed Until Fall 2015

Announced at E3 2014 with a release date of Spring 2015, things have been very quiet for Dead Island 2 recently, with the official Twitter account only sending out one tweet since December.

Considering that Dead Island 2 is getting a 30-day exclusive beta on PlayStation 4 prior to launch, and nothing being announced about that yet, Videogamer did some digging and also discovered that the official website hasn’t updated since December, with the release date on the site just saying “2015.” However, their Twitter bio still states it’s “coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2015.”

Videogamer then adds that they’ve heard Dead Island 2 may be delayed until Fall 2015. Following this news, Eurogamer Czech said, “Been told from our internal sources few weeks ago that [Dead Island 2] is now set for September date.”

When contacted for a comment on this potential delay, a Deep Silver representative chose not to offer up a response.

If we hear anything official about a Dead Island 2 delay, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Videogamer, Eurogamer Czech (Twitter)]