Axiom Verge Successful From Day One, Dev Now Able to Work in Games Full-Time

Did you enjoy Axiom Verge? If so, you’ll be glad to know that creator Tom Happ will be able to make more games in the future.

While no official numbers were revealed, Dan Adelman, who helped publicity for Axiom Verge, said that “by 3 p.m. of the first day,” the game was already deemed a success.

Our initial goal was to make enough money with ‘Axiom Verge’ so that Tom could afford to keep making games on his own full time and not need to go back to a day job. By 3 p.m. of the first day, we achieved that, so Tom will be making lots more games on his own from now on.

Happ, who did the art, music, design and coding for Axiom Verge, worked full-time at another job, and “would come home and try to put together ideas for what I thought would be a perfect amalgam of all my favorite, classic games.” 

If you haven’t played it yet, you might want to give our review a read and see why we gave it a 9/10 and an Editor’s Choice award (spoiler: it’s really, really good).

Do you want Happ to work on a sequel to Axiom Verge or would you rather he work on a new game entirely?

[Source: Huffington Post]