Shadow of the Beast & Alienation PS4 Off-Screen Images Revealed From Sony Event

In London this week, Sony is holding a PlayStation Network Digital Gaming Showcase. While details about the event and games aren’t expected to go live until later this week, Sony XDev Europe was able to confirm that “Shadow of the Beast does live!”

Announced in 2013, Shadow of the Beast is in development for the PlayStation 4 at Heavy Spectrum, with Sony XDev saying it is “in pre-alpha now with playable code.”

If you want to see an actual gameplay video, that’s hopefully coming later this month. In the meantime, here’s a couple off-screen images from the event:

Also at the event was Housemarque with their upcoming PS4 title Alienation. Just like Shadow of the Beast, more details are coming this week, with a couple images leaking out ahead of time (see them in the gallery above).

Both titles are scheduled to release in 2015.

[Source: Sony XDev Europe (Twitter), Housemarque (Twitter), LittleBigSarah (Twitter) via Videogamer, Worlds Factory]