Shadow of the Beast PS4 Gameplay Revealed, Devs Targeting 1080p/60fps

With the embargo having now lifted, Eurogamer published three minutes of pre-alpha Shadow of the Beast PlayStation 4 gameplay, giving you a look at how this re-imagining plays.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Matt Birch of developer Heavy Spectrum talked about Shadow of the Beast:

The screenshots you see here are taken from the harsh, arid wasteland that is Karamoon’s desert. The balance between beauty and brutality has been a running theme for us while we’ve been building the game. Our main character, Aarbron, was forged by the evil Maletoth as a living weapon — and his journey through this beautiful, vibrant world is a savage one. We’ve tried to find ways to bring both sides of this juxtaposition to life to create a unique and intriguing setting for the gameplay to live within.

Alongside creating a range of sweeping vistas and strange creatures, we have also been busy refining the game’s core combat and platforming to try and find just the right blend to make a compelling experience for players.

In their preview, Eurogamer points out that Shadow of the Beast is targeting 1080p/60fps.

As Birch added, “We hope to have more news to share with you before too long!”

What do you think of Shadow of the Beast?

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