The Dark Side of Uncharted Hero Nathan Drake


Nathan Drake, the affable star of the Uncharted series and current face of PlayStation, might be the most contradictory character in games.

He’s basically two characters in one: every-man Indiana Jones and sociopathic murderer. That is, the witty, adventurous man in the cutscenes and the rampant killer you play as for the rest of the game. The story acknowledges one and you play out the other.

So, how can he be both wildly different types of people at once? Well, it’s all in the subtext of the Uncharted games and developer Naughty Dog’s much-celebrated, but ultimately flawed writing.

All it takes is a basic understanding of storytelling to see Drake for who he really is, which is definitely not the hero he’s marketed to be.

Let me explain.

Drake is a fascinating character, even with all his faults. It makes you wonder what we’ll see of him in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End next year.

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