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Sucker Punch Looking for Someone Who Can “Create Jaw-Dropping Character Visuals”

Sucker Punch Productions, the group behind inFAMOUS: Second Son, just put out an ad looking for a new Senior Character Texture/Look Dev Artist who can “create jaw-dropping character visuals and have a huge impact on how real our characters look.”

The ad explains that while the team is happy with the graphical work they did with Second Son, they want to create something even more visually impressive for an upcoming title.

We’re proud of the work we did on inFAMOUS Second Son, which helped show what the new generation of hardware was capable of. But we’ve got big ambitions, we’re not satisfied, and we know there are people like you out there who can push us even further.

It is not yet known what Sucker Punch is working on, but it does seem like it will be a graphical masterpiece. Are you hoping for another inFAMOUS title, or something else entirely?

[Source: Sucker Punch via DualShockers]