Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Pre-Load Available, Will Take Up Around 38 GB

While Wolfenstein: The Old Blood isn’t coming on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC out until May 5, owners of any of those systems may pre-order and pre-load digital copies of the Wolfenstien: The New Order prequel.

According to Steam, the game will take up around 38 GB on PC, while it will take up around 37.14 GB on the Xbox One. Strangely, the PS Store says the PS4 version will only take up 10.2 MB, although it is safe to assume that this is a mistake and it will take up around 38 GB like the other versions.

In other Wolfenstein: The Old Blood news, a tweet posted by the game’s official Twitter account states that the upcoming shooter will have a Platinum Trophy.

Will you be pre-order and pre-loading Wolfenstein: The Old Blood soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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