15 PlayStation Metroidvania Games That You Need to Play


Metroidvania games come with a lot of expectations, which only makes sense when the name of the genre is a portmanteau of two of the greatest series of all time. The genre is recognizable by featuring a connected world that blocks the player’s progress by requiring the player gain power-ups. Throw in a focus on exploration and you have games that are full of replayability and hidden secrets for gamers to find.  

Whenever new Metroidvania games are released, they are inevitably compared to all time greats such as Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. While these comparisons are unavoidable, it means a lot of quality games are overlooked just because they might not stand up to an all time classic. With the recent releases of two great games in Axiom Verge and Stealth Inc 2, the Metroidvania genre has been back in the thoughts of PlayStation gamers. Since we are big fans of Metroidvanias here at PlayStation LifeStyle, we figured we would make some recommendations of Metroidvania games that you need to play!

While there has been plenty of fantastic games in the past, that doesn’t mean the future isn’t bright as well. Upcoming titles such as Heart Forth, AliciaRed Goddess: Inner World, and Timespinner are all on their way to PlayStation systems. So fans of Metroidvania games will have more exploring to do in the near future. 

Let us know what you thought of our list and what other Metroidvania games you felt deserved a mention in the comments below!