Bloodborne Glitch Lets You Play the Game From a Top-Down Perspective

Still playing Bloodborne or going through yet another Chalice Dungeon? Well, if you think you’ve seen everything the game has to offer, think again. 

In the video above,YouTuber PaiNz ran into a weird Bloodborne glitch that turns the third-person action game into a top-down title just like the old school Grand Theft Auto games. In case you didn’t know, before the GTA franchise hit it really big, it was played on a top-down perspective just like those old twin-stick shooters of yesteryear. 

Of course, this makes Bloodborne way harder than it should be; which for most gamers, is hard enough. But for game glitches, this one isn’t all that bad. 

Have you experienced any Bloodborne glitches that we haven’t reported yet? Share them in the comments below or send it to our news team in case it’s worth running.

[Source: PaiNz (YouTube) via Kotaku AU]