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Project Soul Running a Poll “for the Future of SoulCalibur,” Vote for Your Favorite Characters

SoulCalibur developer, Project Soul, is running a poll on its official Facebook page, asking fans to vote for the franchise’s future. The company wants to know who our favorite characters are, and ask that we choose “carefully and wisely” because we can only vote once. 

PC users can enter the survey here, and mobile users should enter here

The post also mentions that Project Soul is “probably preparing something huge.” In response to fan questions, the developer further said:

Hello everyone, thank you so much for your interest in this survey! We have 2800 votes so far. I would say that it is a great start! By the way, let me add that this survey is NOT related to SoulCalibur Lost Swords but for the brand in general. Again thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

Voting ends on May 31 so take your time!

[Source: SoulCalibur (Facebook)]

(Note: the image above is taken from SoulCalibur V)