New Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Video Introduces Vergil’s Combat

Devil May Cry‘s YouTube channel has shared the video above, giving an overview of Vergil’s combat mechanics in the upcoming Special Edition of Devil May Cry 4. For best visual results, we are advised to view the video in Chrome.

Capcom also attached the following description:

Fast, efficient, and deadly, Vergil makes use of his signature Yamato sword, the heirloom Force Edge, and the Beowulf gauntlets, as well as the powerful Summoned Swords, which allow him to unleash deadline long-range attacks and teleport at will. Vergil also receives attack bonuses by “concentrating,” which means fighting fearlessly and flawlessly.

The gameplay above has been captured in the Turbo mode, which increases the game’s speed by twenty percent. 

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will release this summer for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Folks in Japan will get the Limited Edition in a pizza box along with a bunch of goodies detailed here

[Source: Devil May Cry (YouTube)]