Axiom Verge Creator Waiting on MonoGame Support to Complete PS Vita Version

In a recent Reddit AMA, the “Axiom Verge business guy” Dan Adelman, explained that he and creator Tom Happ are currently “waiting for some tools from Sony” so that the PlayStation Vita version of the Metroidvania-styled title can finally be created.

Specifically, the team is waiting for “MonoGame support for Vita,” as the “game was originally made in MonoGame.” Adelman mentioned that the PS Vita version is a “super high priority,” and that neither Sony nor the Axiom Verge team is “blowing it off or not caring.”

Vita port is definitely a super high priority and is probably the most frequently asked question. 🙂 Right now we’re waiting for some tools from Sony, so there’s little that we can do until then. (In case you’re not aware, the game was originally made in MonoGame, which is supported by PS4. We’re waiting for MonoGame support for Vita.) We’ve been assured that those tools are actively being worked on, so as soon as we get those, I know Tom will be jumping right on it. The person creating those tools for Sony is using Axiom Verge as one of the test cases for the tool itself, so in some ways it will be designed for Axiom Verge. 🙂

Just want to make sure that everyone knows that this is super high priority for us. If there are any delays, please know that it’s not due to anyone – either at Sony or us – blowing it off or not caring.

Axiom Verge just released onto Steam today, and when it released onto the PS4 back on March 31, PSLS gave it some well-deserved praise. Are you looking to pick up Axiom Verge on the Vita?

[Source: Reddit via Pixel Dynamo]