Combined PS4 & Xbox One Sales Are at 34 Million Right Now, Will Reach 110 Million by 2019, Says Research Firm

During the Take-Two earnings call yesterday, Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick talked about how they’ve benifitted from the new console cycle, which is seeing “better than expected performance.”

Citing estimates from research firm IDG, Zelnick said, “The global installed base of new gen consoles currently exceeds 34 million units and is projected to reach 50 million units by the end of this year and 110 million units by 2019. This robust growth is a wind at our backs and represents a significant long-term opportunity for our business.”

Officially, Sony reported in April that PlayStation 4 sales had reached 22.3 million worldwide, meaning Xbox One sales are likely between 11 – 12 million.

Also in the call, Zelnick talked about the diversification of their product line-up, with the whole company seeing at “least one new significant intellectual property” every year since 2007. He added, “And today we have 10 titles that have each sold over 5 million units for individual release. And over 40 titles that have sold 1 million units.”

Do you think the PS4 and Xbox One will reach 110 million units combined by 2019?

[Source: Seeking Alpha]