Rockstar Hiring for a Game With “Complex Open-World Game Environments”

It looks like Rockstar San Diego, the team behind Red Dead Redemption, is working on a pretty intricate open-world game. 

A number of job listings posted by the studio on the Rockstar website all feature little clues about the developer’s next game. For example, in the listing for a Network Programmer, Rockstar mentions that it needs someone who can maintain “complex open-world game environments.” In the listing for a Gameplay Programmer, Rockstar asks that the person who is to take the job will be able to “bring our worlds to life by creating believable behaviors and routines for their inhabitants.” The listing also mentions that the game will have “varying terrain types.”

The listing for an Animation Programmer specifically mentions PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, hopefully meaning the upcoming game will release onto those systems. What do you think this mystery game could be? Red Dead Redemption 2, or something else entirely?

[Source: Rockstar via GameSpot]