The Witcher 3 Update on PS4 & Xbox One Isn’t Coming This Week, PS4 Frame-Rate & Save File Fixes in the Works

While CD Projekt Red said it was coming “very soon,” Community Lead Marcin Momot confirmed on Twitter that the next update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One isn’t arriving this week. Asked yesterday when we might see it, he said, “Working on it. Soon.”

Addressing other fans, Momot responded to someone who asked if the console patch would fix text size, crashing issues, or other stuff like performance:

We’re working on addressing what we can. We collect everything the community is reporting.

As well, Momot confirmed they are working on fixing the PlayStation 4 version’s frame-rate, but he didn’t give any hints as to when it might be ready.

Looking at save file issues, their QA team “is testing the save files we’ve received from gamers and working on the fix” for the Novigrad glitch. Those affected by an issue where the save file won’t open because you’re missing the Beard and Hairstyle Set, despite already having it installed, should “try removing the content and downloading it one more time. It should help.”

Finally, Momot says CD Projekt Red is planning on addressing the Witcher sense issue for colorblind gamers where red on green is difficult to follow.

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