Sword Art Online PS4 Introduction Trailer

As announced Wednesday, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (formerly Vita exclusive) and Sword Art Online: Lost Song (formerly Vita and PS3) will be coming to PS4, and both will release internationally. The trailer above shows you the graphical improvements. I’ll bet you expected them to look exactly the same, right?

Hollow Fragment has become RE: Hollow Fragment, but for now at least, Lost Song appears to be keeping the same title across platforms.  Their PS4 release dates are listed as simply “coming soon” in Japan, while we know from Bandai Namco USA’s press release that they’ll arrive in summer and fall, respectively.

Lost Song was released in Japan this past February and in Asia earlier this month for PS3 and Vita. The PS3 version will not be releasing in Western territories; only the Vita and PS4 versions.