[Update] Big Sword Art Online News: Hollow Fragment and Lost Song to PS4, Leaving Japan


Update: The original press release — now with a defunct URL (though still linked below) — listed both versions as digital, perhaps because they will be so in Europe. We’ve just received a North American press release with updated info. It turns out both of these games are on the PS4, and Lost Song will be getting a physical version in the Americas. Lost Song‘s Vita version is also coming to the Americas and will be getting a physical version as well, per the press release.

Lost Song was also available for PS3 when it released in Japan and mainland Asia, but that version will apparently not be going abroad.

Original article:

After selling half a million copies worldwide, formerly Vita-exclusive Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has been confirmed for a PS4 remaster — Westward bound, at that — called RE: Hollow Fragment, because we title games like email subject lines now. Moreover, the newer Sword Art Online: Lost Song, currently only on PS3 and Vita, has been announced for European, North American, Middle East, and Australasian releases.

RE: Hollow Fragment is scheduled for this summer and will be digital-only, while Lost Song is slated for fall and will get a full retail release.

Fans suspecting PS4 ports of Lost Song can add this to their suspicions. Just my opinion here, but I’d bet that if RE: Hollow Fragment does well enough on PS4, then Lost Song is will make a similar move.

We posted some Lost Song screenshots here, and there’s an English trailer here, because oddly enough, the Asian version already has English menus and text. I can’t testify as to its quality myself, but it exists.