Deemo Serenades Japanese Vitas in June

Deemo never left without saying goodbye.

Or in the case of PS Vita, Deemo badly missed its “Winter 2014” release date and then went into silent mode. Today, finally, the Japanese PlayStation store has a date for Vita’s Deemo: Last Recital. It’ll come on June 24 as a digital exclusive and sell for 1,944 yen (price includes tax).

At the top of this article, we see the release announcement trailer, which gives us our first look at the Vita’s two-player mode, available with ad-hoc play.

I really enjoyed what I played at 2014’s Tokyo Game Show, and, unable to find this for Vita, cracked and got Deemo on my Android tablet — the only game I have for the thing. Here’s my favorite song from it, which is also in the Vita version:

 [Source: PlayStation JP via 4Gamer]