Mega Man Legacy Collection Announced for PS4, Launches Summer 2015

In a press release detailing their E3 2015 lineup of titles, Capcom confirmed that the Mega Man Legacy Collection is releasing digitally in Summer 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at $14.99, with a 3DS launch happening in Winter 2015.

Featuring “faithful reproductions of the original six Mega Man games” at 1080p, the Legacy Collection also includes a new Challenge Mode and a Museum collection of art assets.

Here’s the full description for the Mega Man Legacy Collection:

Mega Man Legacy Collection is a celebration of the 8-bit history of Capcom’s iconic Blue Bomber. Featuring faithful reproductions of the series’ origins with the original six Mega Man games, the Legacy Collection will remind long-time fans and introduce newcomers to what made Mega Man such a popular and iconic character. In addition to the six Mega Man games, Mega Man Legacy Collection features new ways to experience the classic games with the Museum Mode and new Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode remixes gameplay segments from all six games, with plenty of scaling difficulty objectives for experienced players to conquer yet serving as a good starting point for new players, too. Museum Mode contains a comprehensive collection of history, high-res art and original concept pieces – a mega treat for any fan of Mega Man and video game history.

They then detailed those extra features:

  • Leaderboards, challenges, replays: Challenge Mode takes moments from each title and weaves them into a series of, well, challenges! So things like ‘can you do these six areas strung together with one life bar’ or ‘try fighting all six Mega Man 1 bosses in a row.’ And to keep the quest for the best time alive, the top performers in each Challenge will have their replay data uploaded and viewable to everyone! There will be many challenges to vex seasoned players AND help train newcomers in the ways of the Blue Bomber.
  • Database: Each Mega Man game will have a database that includes enemy lists. From here you can read details about certain enemies and hop directly to them for a practice session. For example, say you’re tired of playing all the way to Quick Man just to lose over and over. With the database, you can hop directly to him and practice that buster run until you get it down to a science. Then it’s off to the full game for the real deal!
  • Museum: MMLC will sport an exhaustive collection of sketches, art and other visual materials that help put you in that 1987~1992 time period. Part of this game’s goal is the preservation of history, and the folks at Digital Eclipse are scanning items at absurdly high resolutions to make them as clean and clear as possible.

Capcom will have a playable demo for the Mega Man Legacy Collection at E3 2015, alongside demos for Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, with Street Fighter V making its first appearance at a major event with a tournament stage.

Despite reiterating release windows for the other titles, Capcom didn’t say when Street Fighter V is coming out.

[Source: Capcom Unity]