PlayStation Store Arabic and CashU Support Rolled Out

After last year’s Arabic support activation for the PlayStation 4, Middle Eastern gamers will be happy to know that the PlayStation Store now has Arabic language support, too.

Here’s how to enable Arabic for the PS Store from your PS4 or web browser;

Via your PlayStation 4

  • Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Account Information] > [Language]
  • Enter your password, select “Arabic” from the drop down menu and select [Confirm]
  • Select [Confirm] in the new language

Via your web browser

  • Go to Account Management. You can reach Account Management in a number of ways:

    • PlayStation App: Tap [PlayStation Store] on the home screen and go to [Online ID] > [Account Settings]
    • PlayStation Store: Sign in, go to your Online ID at the top of the page and click [Account Settings]
  • Click here and sign in for the account management site

  • Go to [Account] > [Account Details] and under [Identity] select [Edit]

  • Choose “Arabic” and save your changes

In order to access Arabic, you will need to have a PSN account associated with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain or Lebanon

In addition to that, PlayStation fans in Saudi Arabia will now be able to purchase digital goods from the PlayStation Store via CashU as well. You can read more about that payment service here.

[Source: EU PlayStation Blog]