Japan’s Low Birth Rate, Aging Population Mocked in New Neptunia Brawler

Not long ago, we first heard of Compile Heart’s upcoming Vita exclusive, Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Army. The game now has its own website and confirms that a 2015 release is expected.

If you click the “Story” section of that website, you’ll see that the premise is that these girls must keep their school alive. Because of the decreasing population of their world (“Game Industry World,” or in the English versions, Gamindustri), schools are having a hard time finding enough students. To make their school more attractive to what few young people remain, these girls decide to make a zombie movie.

And then, as if on cue, real zombies show up. Instead of freaking out, the girls have a go at it and use the bad luck to make their zombie movie more realistic.

I suppose “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you zombies, make a movie.” Compile Heart, if you’re reading this, you can totally have that tagline for free.

Here’s a gameplay video:

As usual, the Neptunia world is referencing real-world situations. Japan’s population has been falling rapidly for decades. This means it might be kind of tough to take advantage of this game’s multiplayer functions….