The Witcher 3 Dev: Gamers Don’t Mind a Delay if it Reduces Bugs

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt didn’t launch without a few noticeable bugs, but the RPG probably would have had a lot more troubles if it hadn’t been delayed. In an interview with Develop, CD Projekt Co-Founder Marcin Iwinski talked a bit about its delay, saying that gamers care more about games being shipped without too many bugs and less about games being delayed.

While talking about the creation of The Witcher 3, Iwinski explained that the development team worked really hard to make sure that the game would be released when it was actually ready, rather than when a publisher said to ship it. He mentioned that while it was a “really tough decision” to delay the title, “gamers don’t care about buggy games shipped on time.”

We were working really hard for the last ten years to have the freedom of deciding when we ship our game and if it is ready or not, and we used this freedom.

We used it twice, and each time it was a really tough decision to push it back, but gamers don’t care about buggy games shipped on time. They will only remember the very best games they played, and that’s exactly how you build your studio’s reputation. Besides, if your team of 200-plus people was working really hard for the last three years, why not give them an additional three-to-six months if this can mean a world of a difference? We could and we did.

What do you think of Iwinski’s comments? Would you rather play a moderately buggy game, if that means it would be released sooner? Or, would you rather wait a few extra months and play a game with fewer issues?

[Source: Develop]