The Witcher 3 Delay is Because of “A Lot of Small Errors”

Following the delay of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to May 2015 that was announced earlier this week, CD Projekt board member Adam Kiciński spoke with Polish financial journalists to further explain why it was pushed back.

Mentioning how “gamers took our decision very well,” Kiciński added, “[The] market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen platforms.”

In terms of the development for The Witcher 3, Kiciński says, “It will be closed by the end of the year in line with the schedule.” However, he noted that “there’s a lot of small errors though, because the game is huge. It’s the only reason behind the delay. We didn’t assume it will be this big.”

Kiciński continued:

Only after putting all the pieces together it turned out it’s bigger than the two first put together. Let me remind you: it’s open and not linear. We are just learning how to play it and we have to catch the little pieces. We know what to do, we just have to do it. We don’t want to release the game with bugs that undermine the gameplay.

Similar to what CD Projekt RED explained in the original delay announcement, Kiciński said the February 2015 release date was set “very early and we’re paying for it now.”

Of course, back in May 2014 when they originally pushed The Witcher 3 to February 2015, the company said there would be “no more delays” because “this is not our first game; we are not newbies.” Clearly they weren’t able to stick to that promise.

Are you glad CD Projekt made the decision to spend a few extra months polishing The Witcher 3?

[Source: Eurogamer]