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The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 5

Pre-Order The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PS4 on PlayStation Store, Save 10%

Only available in North America.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Getting 16 Pieces of Free DLC, Regardless of Platform or Whether You Pre-Ordered

“This is our way of saying thank you for buying our game.”


The Witcher 3 Opening Cinematic Shows “The Trail,” is Gorgeous

Action and loud music awaits.

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 6

CD Projekt RED Answers The Witcher 3 Trailer Accusations

Who do you believe?


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “Will Look Better” Than These Recent Screenshots

“There will be no downgrade.”


The Witcher 3 Dev Diary Lasts Five Minutes and Talks About the “Travelling Monster Hunter”

Read to step into Geralt’s boots?

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 3

The Witcher 3 Resolution Most Likely Won’t be at 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One (Update)

CD Projekt RED is trying to make it as “high as possible.”

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 2

Over 35-Minutes of The Witcher 3 Gameplay is Released, Gives Us a Peek of Novigrad

Check out the stats CD Projekt RED collected from gamescom!


This The Witcher 3 Gameplay Video Explains What’s Killing the Villagers of Downwarren

Geralt sees the village people.


The Witcher 3 Comic-Con Video Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Its First Public Gameplay Demo

Fans are ecstatic for The Witcher 3 and it’s even on video as proof.


The Witcher 3 Interview: Sexuality in the Franchise, Developing for PlayStation & More

Level Designer Miles Tost is quizzed by PSLS regarding The Witcher 3!


CD Projekt RED on Sex in The Witcher Games: We Make Mature Games for Mature Players

Sex sells but how much?

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 7

CD Projekt RED “No Plans” to Re-Release Previous The Witcher Games on PlayStation

CD Projekt RED a bit “bummed” it took this long to release a Witcher game on PlayStation platforms.

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 6

CD Projekt RED to Prepare “Some Sort of a Recap” for The Witcher 3 Newcomers

You don’t need to have played the first two to understand The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 2

CD Projekt Red Confirms Big The Witcher 3 Leak, Warns of Spoilers

Be careful, details about the endings and much more are out in the wild.

Best of E3 2014

Best of E3 2014 Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions

Watch the awards get handed out inside! Spoiler – One of them faints.

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt E3 Preview (PS4)

The Witching hour starts in February.

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt 6

CD Projekt RED Anticipates The Witcher 3 Being Able to Do 1080p on PS4 “a Little Bit Easier” Than on Xbox One

PS4 might have the 1080p advantage on yet another game.


CD Projekt RED Debuts Breathtaking The Witcher 3 Gameplay at E3 2014

CD Projekt RED finally lifted the curtain on its upcoming game TheRead the full article…


The Witcher 3 Release Date, Trailer and Collector’s Edition Details Unleashed

Here’s when fans can finally play as Geralt for the first time on a PlayStation platform.