the witcher 3 ps5 release date

How to Transfer The Witcher 3 PS4 Saves to PS5 Version

The Witcher 3 PS5 version is out today, and there is a surprising lack of information from CD Projekt RED about transferring save data from PS4 to PS5. Luckily, we’ve managed to figure it out with the help of the game’s community. Before players proceed, they need to ensure that they have the latest version of the game installed on both consoles.

After ensuring that your PS4 and PS5 have the latest version (4.0) of The Witcher 3 installed, boot up the PS4 game and enable the cross-progression/cross-save option found in Load Game. Once enabled, press L2 on a save file in Load Game, and you’ll be prompted to register on GOG. If you already have a GOG account, simply link it.

After creating/linking their GOG account, players must load a save file on the PS4 and either prompt an auto-save (this can be done by fast traveling) or manually save. Doing this will make a Cloud icon appear next to the save file. Move over to The Witcher 3’s PS5 version, boot it up, and log into GOG. You should now get a Load Game option on the PS5 version where your newly-transferred PS4 save file will appear.