the witcher 3 update ps5 march 13 2023

The Witcher 3 PS5, PS4 Getting a 10-20 GB Update Soon

Update: The Witcher 3 update patch notes are now available here.

Original story:

CD Projekt RED is set to roll out The Witcher 3 update today for PS5 and PS4. That’s if things “go according to plan,” per the studio’s community manager Marcin Momot.

The Witcher 3 update (March 13, 2023) details

According to Momot, the update will release on all platforms. On consoles, it’ll weigh between 10 – 20 GB “depending on the SKU and platform.” This likely means that the PS5 will have the smallest of console patches, thanks to its compression technology, whereas the PS4 is likely to receive a download of up to 20 GB.

Patch notes and game version will be revealed when the update goes live.

Although we don’t know what the patch does yet, CD Projekt RED previously said that it’ll remove a nudity mod from The Witcher 3’s next-gen versions. The mod in question added very realistic looking vaginas to female NPCs, which the studio said was a mistake.

We’ll update our readers when the patch is live.