Destiny The Taken King New Subclasses Revealed in Video, Exclusive PlayStation Content Detailed

The Taken King was officially unveiled during Sony’s E3 press conference yesterday, and now Destiny‘s upcoming expansion has just received a new video detailing some of the plot and some of the new features the DLC will have.

The eight-minute long “ViDoc” spends a large portion of its time talking about Oryx, The Taken King who will be the main antagonist in the Destiny expansion. Supported by an army of Taken, he will threaten the Destiny universe, and players will have to gain new powers (subclasses) to stop him.

Each class will get a new subclass — Hunters will get the Nightstalker subclass, Warlocks will get the Stormcaller subclass, and Titans will get the Sunbreaker class. These subclasses can be seen in action starting around 3:30 in the above video. 

The Official PlayStation Blog also took some time to highlight the exclusive PlayStation content that will be releasing alongside The Taken King on September 15. PS4 and PS3 owners will get a new co-op Strike called The Echo Chamber, a new competitive multiplayer map called Sector 618, a new legendary Scout Rifle called The Jade Rabbit, and some new armor sets.

Go to the PS Blog to get more details on the exclusive content, and be sure to tell us which upcoming Destiny subclass you are most looking forward to. The Taken King can be pre-ordered now from the PS Store for $40.

[Source: PS Blog]