Take Control of a Toddler God in Godling, Coming to Project Morpheus

The debut title from Solfar Studios, Godling is coming to Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4, with a trailer teasing what to expect from the title.

Developer Kjartan Emilsson talked about what exactly Godling is:

You are a Godling, a toddler God that awakens to the sights and sounds of a beautiful natural world. Just like a young child, you take your very first hesitant steps in this world full of curiosities and wonders only to realize that it also has great perils. And you are one of them.

You quickly learn that you have not only awe-inspiring powers to grow and improve the world, but also some formidable abilities that can accidentally ruin everything.

As you explore the habitat in Godling, you’ll learn how to use your powers – but whether you use them for good or evil is up to you.

Emilsson then talked about how they’re using virtual reality and the DualShock 4 in Godling:

We use an innovative combination of gaze-based navigation, enabled by Morpheus’ positional tracking, and the DualShock 4 controller. With that, we feel that you’ll be able to interact with Godling’s world in an intuitive way, which we think is very important in a VR game. After people’s first impression of total immersion in a VR environment, they inevitably want to explore it and interact with it. For this we were pleasantly surprised by Sony’s 120Hz tracking solution that really brings this feeling of solidity to the experience and convinces us that true non-scripted exploration could be part of a VR experience.

How does Godling sound to you?

[Source: PS Blog]