In Death gameplay trailer

In Death PSVR Trailer Suggests the Afterlife Requires Shooting Lots of Arrows

Indie developer Sólfar Studios is bringing us a new PlayStation VR title, called In Death, a rogue-like VR shooter available on November 27, 2018. The game is set in a surreal medieval world within the afterlife, brimming with soaring cathedrals and other strange floating islands for you to explore while bringing balance to Paradise Lost.

True to the genre it’s trying to emulate, In Death will feature procedurally-generated levels and areas with interchanging difficulties. The game will also feature permadeath and only offer checkpoints if the player completes a discrete chapter.

An achievement-based progression system will also be featured as you play, awarding power-ups for the bow you’ll be using with random special arrows and health boosts that can be looted from enemies. Gold can also be earned to spend in the Reliquary, an in-game store where you can purchase items to make your holy retribution more easygoing. New achievements will also grant the player everlasting offensive and defensive skills that will last throughout each new run.

Players can only move when they shoot a golden teleport arrow. These arrows are an integration of combat and traversal that will allow players to stay in the fight without worrying about how to get around. If you’re a VR user and prefer not to use the motion controllers, there will also be an option for the DualShock 4 controller.

It was recently stated that the current VR market was financially unviable, but with the likes of Déraciné, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, and In Death, the market doesn’t seem to be slowing down all that much.

In Death is priced at $29.99, and can be picked up by PlayStation Plus members at a 20% discount during launch week. It will release on November 27, 2018.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]