Death Stranding’s Safe House Footage from TGS 2019 Translated to English

The nearly 50-minute long Tokyo Game Show 2019 demo for Death Stranding received an English subtitled version. Now, the 30-minute demo showing off safe house footage has been treated similarly. Thanks to IGN, fans can watch the safe house demo and see Hideo Kojima’s commentary in English subtitles. Because of this, much of what’s featured on screen becomes clearer. Arguably the biggest revelation? Sam can weaponize his bodily fluids. All of his bodily fluids. It’s gross, but intriguing at the same time.

Hear Kojima explain these weaponized fluids and far more in the English subtitled video below:

This is the footage that went viral on social media several days ago, since Sam punches the camera if the player zooms in on his crotch too many times. Interestingly, courtesy of the English subtitles, we now learn Kojima also explained that Sam has another reaction to this kind of behavior. Should the player zoom in on his crotch too often, Sam may flip the bird to the camera. According to Kojima, this response was removed for the Tokyo Game Show demo.

Even though Death Stranding’s release is less than two months away, it will be shown off at least once more. A Death Stranding theater presentation is scheduled for Madrid Games Week, which begins on October 3rd and concludes on October 6th. It’s said to feature exclusive content, though what this entails specifically remains under wraps. A few other PlayStation exclusives will appear at the event in Spain, as well. These include The Last of Us Part II, the MediEvil remake, Nioh 2, and Predator: Hunting Grounds. PlayStation VR will have a display of its own, featuring playable demos from Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Blood and Truth, and several other VR experiences.

Death Stranding will land on the PlayStation 4 later this year on November 8th.

[Source: IGN]