Death Stranding Players Will Get Punched if They Zoom in on Sam’s Crotch

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Kojima Productions dropped another 30 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 this weekend, showcasing the game’s safe house and its activities, customization options, weapons and more.

The demo is as bizarre as one expects and shows off some incredible details, including what happens to players who try to check out Norman Reedus’ crotch. Okay, so we’ve already spoiled that for you. Sam will get up and punch you if you zoom in on his crotch repeatedly. However, there’s a lot more in the video that we won’t spoil for you so without further ado, check it out (courtesy of GameSpot):

For those who missed it, we got to see plenty of Death Stranding gameplay and learned much more about its features, including some multiplayer aspects, this past week.

While it’s highly unlikely that players will bump into each other in the game, they’ll be able to leave things behind for other players and/or pick up items left behind by other players to aid them in their journey. There’s a social media style “likes” system that allows you to leave a like when picking up equipment someone else dropped for your use. At the moment, it’s unclear how the system fully works but you can find out what we do know so far in our previous article.

Death Stranding will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on November 8th.

What do our readers think of the TGS 2019 gameplay?

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