Battling a Giant Oily Monster in Death Stranding Looks Pretty Cool

During the first day of the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, Kojima debuted a new nearly 50-minute long gameplay demo for Death Stranding. There’s a lot to it to see, and more than enough to ponder. Throughout the lengthy new look at the upcoming title, we see Norman Reedus’ character, Sam, engaging in various types of behavior. Early in the footage, he’s shown preparing for a delivery. Later, he calms the BB down by playing a harmonica. We also see him try his hand at stealth, fail, then soon thereafter take on a massive oily-looking monster. It’s quite the wild ride, really.

Check out the new Death Stranding footage below, during which Kojima provides commentary for (in Japanese, of course). See how Sam takes on the giant oily creature at around the 30-minute mark:

For those who simply want a quick overview of everything on display throughout the gameplay demo, the PlayStation Blog has graciously provided just that. Before anything else, Sam must prepare himself for the long journey westward. As everyone already knows, the packages he’s to deliver will be strapped to him. However, getting everything in place seems far more intricate than merely strapping a bag to his back and pressing onward.

Early in the demo, a menu screen pops up, allowing Sam to meticulously determine how every he’ll attach every package possible to his body. It looks as though it can become pretty overbearing, as the boxes can tower over him. He can even equip smaller parcels on his arms. Much later, Sam finds a little hoverboard-like carrier, which proves quite beneficial. He drags it along behind him without a worry in the world, since the hover features ensure the cargo won’t soon get wet or damaged. And, if he really wants to, Sam can ride the floating carrier like a skateboard.

Death Stranding’s Dark Souls-esque multiplayer component has been teased in the past, but this new footage shows it in action. Instead of leaving notes warning other travelers of imminent danger, players in Death Stranding can leave behind objects, such as ladders, for their fellow delivery folk to utilize. If a player stumbles across one such piece of equipment, they have the option to leave a “like.” For now, it isn’t clear what purpose the like system serves.

Kojima has one more lengthy look at Death Stranding to show off during TGS. The next gameplay demo will last about 30 minutes long, and can be streamed at midnight PST on September 14th.

Death Stranding will arrive this fall for the PlayStation 4 on November 8th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]