Kojima’s Narration in Lengthy TGS 2019 Death Stranding Demo Now Has English Subtitles

During Tokyo Game Show 2019, Kojima showed off a ton of footage for Death Stranding. One demo in particular lasted approximately 50 minutes long. While he narrated the gameplay footage, offering need-to-know insight, it sadly was only relayed in Japanese. Thankfully, IGN has lent a helping hand to English-only speakers, providing subtitles on the video. However, it’s worth noting that only Kojima’s commentary was translated. As such, the in-game text and dialogue remain exclusively in Japanese.

Check out the TGS demo of Death Stranding below, which features English subtitles at the bottom of the screen:

In the demo above, fans get a closer look Death Stranding’s gameplay loop and open-world environment. Combat, stealth tactics, and a boss battle with an oily-looking creation are also on display. The lengthy Tokyo Game Show footage additionally offered a glimpse at the game’s asynchronous multiplayer. During the show, Kojima sat down with Game Informer, briefly explaining that the Death Stranding multiplayer options are meant to help players spread positivity. This is most evident in the “likes” system, whereby players can leave a like on other players’ content out in the open-world.

Another gameplay demo went live during TGS 2019, as well. With that 30 minutes of footage, audiences were able to see Sam’s safe house, and all he can do within it. Similar to the lengthier demo, Kojima narrated the safe house footage, too. Whether or not IGN plans to publish a version of it with English translation remains to be seen.

Kojima’s latest will hit stores in less than two months, but there is at least one more showing of the title scheduled. At Madrid Games Week, slated for October 3rd through October 6th, attendees will see a Death Stranding theater presentation, which will apparently feature exclusive content of some kind.

Death Stranding will launch later this year on November 8th for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: IGN]