Film Noir Stealth Adventure “Calvino Noir” Announced for the PS4

A new film noir stealth adventure, Calvino Noir, has been announced for the PlayStation 4. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, game director Dan Walters said that the game draws inspiration from noir cinema and games like Deus Ex

The world of Calvino Noir borrows a lot from the war-torn and cruel portrayal of Vienna in The Third Man, one of my favorite films.

Architecture is also a big influence. We have been looking a lot at building design and architectural drawing styles. It is all about form and light, but in a very different way to film noir. We got our architect friend Ceri Williams to design realistic buildings from that place and time. With the monochrome art style, I think the arches, staircases and pillars all look stunning.

Calvino Noir‘s characters have been affected by World War I. One of the characters, Wilt, deserted the British army. Another one, Siska, became an orphan due to the war, and Arno is a former chemical weapon designer. The characters join forces “to uncover the corrupt work of officials who are out to make money at the risk of everyone else.” Players will get to play as all three characters, and will be able to use their unique skills to explore maps.

A release date for Calvino Noir hasn’t been announced yet, but the game’s website seems to suggest a PC and mobile release as well. We’ll update our readers when more information becomes available.

[Source: PlayStation]