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Shadow of the Beast for PS4 Gameplay Looks Visually Amazing, Watch 16-Minutes of It

Heavy Spectrum Entertainment is recreating and re-imagining Shadow of the Beast for the PlayStation 4, and it looks visually stunning.

During a PlayStation E3 2015 livestream, Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Founder Matt Birch showed off quite a bit of gameplay from the PS4-exclusive title, and talked a little about the new features in the game. Between the lighting, shadows, and dynamic camera, Shadow of the Beast is a visual feast, but it will feature more than just fantastic graphics.

According to Birch, the title will have a combo-based combat system, and players will be able to use weapons and throw enemies into each other. Birch also explained that the title will keep some of the mystery that the original game had, and will keep all of the levels unique from each other.

Do you think you might want to get Shadow of the Beast when it finally releases onto PS4?

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube)]