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DICE Working on a Third Unannounced Game

While we already know that DICE is working on Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, what we didn’t know is that the studio is also toiling on another unannounced game.

In an interview, DICE General Manager Patrick Bach slipped and said, “We have three projects in the works right now.” When quizzed regarding the third game, Bach laughed and asked, “Did I say that?”

Given that a resume years ago leaked that someone at DICE was working on Battlefield: Bad Company 3, that might be the logical choice. But then again, DICE themselves admitted that they were unsure how to develop BC3, so that third game could very well be Battlefield 5.

What do you think DICE’s third secret game is? Would you prefer it to be BC3 or BF5?

[Source: Polygon]